*Warning* trite, sentimental, mush.

Dear Bean, you can be a boy who wears dresses, or you can be a girl with short hair.
You can be a woman born with the wrong body, or vice versa.
You can conform to the stereotypes if that is who you are, you can break them if you want to.
You can believe in God, Heaven and Hell. You can state without a shadow of a doubt that none of those things exist.
You can be whoever you want to be.
We are not all destined for fame and fortune, but we can give love and receive it in return.
There is nothing wrong with trying and failing. There is nothing wrong with having dreams.
You are not defined by the success or failure of people in the public eye.
You are my special little miracle. You are not a special little snowflake.
People are allowed to disagree with you, and you are allowed to disagree with them.
There is a difference between disagreeing with someone, and mocking them.
People can hurt you, and you can hurt them.
Forgiveness does not always mean letting people back in, or people letting you back in.
It is hard to believe that one day my little bean is going to be a fully grown adult.
I hope I am alive to see you grow from newborn through to adulthood.
If not, I wish only for your life to be filled with as many happy memories as possible.
I love you, my little bean.